Create space for positive change

Create space for positive change

I help impact the consciousness and mindset of people in your organization with effective measures to successfully embed changes.

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Take a step back

Are you ready for change?

Today, companies operate in an increasingly fast-changing environment. The ability to effectively respond to and implement change - change readiness - is becoming an increasingly important competency for organizations.

Consider the
psychology of change

The biggest challenges in a change process are often psychological factors. People usually don't like change, and resistance arises quickly if change programs are not properly executed. My goal is to ensure that employees are emotionally, mentally and culturally ready to embrace change.

Empower your employees
for the change ahead

Win over your employees with confidence-building, motivational and supportive change measures as well as consistent and targeted communication. This allows your employees to commit to new ways of working without reservations. I will support you in this process.

How do I support the change process?



Creation of unanimous support for change in top management

Raising awareness of the challenges within the organization

Empowering managers to act as role models in the change process



Developing an attractive change story - verbally and visually

Defining core messages for the organization and ensuring a consistent "one voice" communication

Planning effective communication measures for individual employee groups


of Teams & Training

Targeted support of selected teams in the change process through team and individual coaching

Development of a clear 'push' and 'pull' change strategy

Resolving resistance to change

Dealing with arising emotions