Become the best version of yourself

Through Leadership Coaching you strengthen your presence, relationship skills, and communication. You will gain better self-awareness and self-management and sustainably increase your performance while having a higher job satisfaction and feeling less overwhelmed.

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We operate in new
framework conditions

We live in an ever changing environment. A changed economic environment, increasing digitalization, pressures to act sustainably, New Work trends, hybrid forms of work and changing values of Millennials create a new framework and pose major challenges, especially for leadership.

Leadership Coaching helps you to achieve your goals

Leadership Coaching strengthens you exactly at the point where you stand today. It creates clarity, helps you to set priorities and make difficult decisions. It gives you new perspectives and brings "blind spots" to light. It increases self-awareness, presence and ultimately your job satisfaction and performance.

Your Leadership Coach
is at your side

As a coach I am a trusted source and sparring partner. I will challenge you and mirror your behavior, so that step by step you become aware of your inner truth and your own power.

You choose your focus

Leadership coaching covers a wide range of topics. Together we will identify topics that are particularly relevant to you and your organization, and decide what you would like to focus your coaching on

Career & Purpose
Leadership style
New Work
High Performance
Emotional intelligence
Communica-tion & presence
Leadership Coaching

Living your own purpose

  • Define clear goals for your own career path
  • Discover your own purpose and unlock your inner drive
  • Weigh up different options and make good decisions

Reflect on your own understanding of leadership

  • Clarify your own values and life mission
  • Reinforce your own authentic leadership style
  • Strengthen leadership skills such as delegation, feedback and motivation

Discover New Work

  • Reflecting on your own leadership role with regards to working with independent teams and flexible ways of working

Achieve High Performance

  • Increase your own performance and effectiveness
  • Strengthen resilience, mobilize personal resources and manage stress
  • Establish effective habits and time management

Enhance emotional intelligence

  • Increase self-awareness and self-regulation
  • Strengthen empathy, self-competence and self-motivation

Strengthen communication & presence

  • Improve ability to listen and communicate clearly
  • Become more confident in meetings and presentations
  • Strengthen conflict resolution and relationship skills

What do you get out of
Leadership Coaching?


Create clarity

Leadership Coaching opens your senses and enables you to get in touch with your inner wisdom

Clarity and new energy are utilized to help you make important decisions, set priorities and implement projects. In this process, you become more efficient and gain new freedom.


Gain new perspectives

We find new answers when we see our world from other perspectives - when we leave our system and look at it from the outside.

In leadership coaching, your own, often obstructive thought patterns are identified and modified so that new courses of action can emerge.


Achieve personal goals

Leadership coaching supports you to stay 'on track' and to define and achieve new goals. In doing so, you will be strengthened, inspired and motivated.

In addition to strengthening your own resources, leadership coaching also encourages you to leave your own comfort zone as a prerequisite for personal growth.

How does the process work?

    Information Meeting
    (30 Min)

    Get to know each other and clarify expectations, topics and wishes

    Offer Development

    Adapt the coaching process to the individual needs

    Define your core topics for coaching

    Determine timing: number of recommended coaching hours and rhythm

    Clarification of Objectives
    (90 Min)

    Explore topics from different perspectives

    Agree on coaching objectives and define desired results

    Set your goals

    Regular Coachings
    (60 - 90 Min)

    Dive deeply into the processes using appropriate methods and tools

    Surface inner conflicts

    Uncover underlying barriers

    Develop solutions and define implementation strategies

    Establish new habits

    Coaching Review
    (90 Min)

    Conclusion and summary of the most important findings

    Compare results with goals formulated at the beginning of the coaching

    Outlook for the future and agree on next steps

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